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Тема: Карта Казахстана в электронном виде.

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Re: Карта Казахстана в электронном виде. 30-10-2006 04:32 Форум: Поиск карт


I hope you speak english as well as rusiian/kazakhi...http://www.gps.kz/forum/images/icons/icon2.gif

This is a really good start for the Almaty region and the mountains around. All maps I had before were not well made (the 1:200 000 is not bad but not detailed enogh for climbing in unknown area). I really hope you or some other people will continue this work! There are some strangers in the levels (part of roads in one, part in one other), if I have time I will also work on it.

I work in the Aktobinsk-Oblast, have some trips around by bicicle with my GPS and started to update the free GPS-map of West Kazakhstan.
Some time I spend always in the Almaty-region (once per month).

Still it is difficult to get good maps in Kazakhstan (paper or digital) in good scale as a base for Vector maps or even for orientation in the mountains.
I've heard the russian millitar maps were good, but where to get it I don't know....

Best regards
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